Programming Tools

The Central Valley Afterschool Foundation is your resource for tools and information related to afterschool programming.

Attendance Calculator
Attendance Calculator: This interactive tool automatically calculates the number of students your site must serve in order to meet attendance goals.

Early Release Policies
The ASES grant requires that programs stay open until 6 pm and for 15 hours per week.  Children may, however, leave the program early under conditions established by the program in advance and in writing.  See below for the legislation and for some sample “early release policies.”

Forms to Declare Matching Funds
The After School Education and Safety Program Legislation states that each program shall provide at least 33 percent cash or in-kind matching funds from the school district, governmental agencies, community organizations, or the private sector for each dollar received in grant funds. Forms for declaration of matching funds are listed below.

Categorical Program Monitoring Tools
Categorical Program Monitoring Tools The California Department of Education is required to monitor categorical programs operated by local education agencies through Categorical Program Monitoring (CPM). Each local education agency is monitored once every four years. This year is the first year K-8 afterschool programs are included in the review. Read more on the CDE website.

The California Afterschool Quality Self-Assessment Rubric
The California Afterschool Self-Assessment Rubric, which is designed for high school afterschool programs, is a useful tool to examine program quality for older youth.

Quality Committee Memo
Quality Committee Memo: The Quality Committee of the California After School Network focuses on policy, practices and approaches for ensuring quality after-school programs.

State Audit Guide for After School Programs
State Audit Guide for After School Programs: See Page 28, Article 3.1. State Compliance Procedures: School Districts and Charter Schools, After School Education and Safety Program.

The California Department of Education FAQ Update
The California Department of Education FAQ Update: CDE recently released an updated FAQ section for afterschool providers.