laptopThe Quality Self-Assessment Tool (QSAT) is a collaborative project of the California Afterschool Network and the California Department of Education. The QSAT is a comprehensive look at many areas of program quality. Programs can utilize the tool in different ways depending on time available and the developmental stage of the program.  For more information regarding the tool and/or to download the tool itself go the following link:

The QSAT is a growing document that continues to evolve as afterschool programs evolve. If you utilize the tool, please share your successes and challenges in implementation with us. We actively update the California Afterschool Network about its uses in the field. If you would like copies of the user guide and tool or have general questions about the QSAT, contact

The High School After School Quality Self-Assessment Rubric (QSAR) was created to support the growing number of high school programs and establish a framework to measure program outcomes and quality in California and nationwide. The sustainability of an afterschool program depends upon support from stakeholders: the schools, students, their families, local communities, and community partners. The QSAR provides a common language and framework for various levels of program quality. The rubric allows programs to self-assess their quality in a variety of categories and make a plan for program quality improvement. For information regarding this tool and/or to download the tool itself, visit the AfterSchool Network website.

Along with tools such as the QSAT and QSAR, the California Department of Education is working towards defining program quality. One resource being used to define quality is the Learning in Afterschool & Summer principles (LIAS). The Learning in Afterschool & Summer Project (LIAS) is an effort by afterschool advocates and leaders to unify the field of afterschool and focus the movement on promoting young people’s learning. This means offering opportunities not found at home or in school and applying our most recent knowledge on learning to our afterschool practices. The LIAS principles were developed by Michael Funk and Sam Piha. Download the LIAS principles here.