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L.I.F.E. at Lemoore’s P.W. Engvall Elementary School

3pm-finalZumba, project-based learning, and brightly colored vests for staff are just a few innovative ways that the afterschool program at P.W. Engvall Elementary School in Lemoore is “standing out” for the California Department of Education’s quality standards for expanded learning.

The Learning in a Fun Environment (L.I.F.E.) After School Program, operated by West Hills College (WHC) Lemoore and currently at eight sites, launched at P.W. Engvall Elementary just this past August. The program, staffed by West Hills College students, has already seen participation rise.

“Our kids are enjoying their time there. They’re learning. They’re being productive,” said L.I.F.E. Director Oscar Villarreal, who emphasizes the program’s mission is to broaden intellectual capacity. “Because they’re growing, they’re wanting to know what else is [out] there.” (more…)

Students Learn with iPads at Sanger’s Madison Elementary School

ipad learningWhat do afterschool learning experiences and the latest tablet technology have in common? Madison Elementary School students in Sanger Unified’s LEAP afterschool program are finding out as they research, play learning games and take tests on iPads.

The program’s budget last year allowed for the purchase of 12 iPads for use in their curriculum.  With no computer lab available at the school, rural Madison Elementary School was chosen to receive the new iPads.

Adriana Ybarra, Madison’s afterschool program coordinator, said incorporating the iPads into the curriculum has been a great tool.

First through fifth graders rotate the use of the iPads twice a week. The afterschool program leaders tie the use of the iPads into their weekly learning curriculum. The leaders set up a theme for the week and each day they have the students explore new ways to learn the subject matter.

A past theme was butterflies. Afterschool leaders had students research butterflies through applications like Science 360, PBS KIDS and appropriate YouTube videos. The next day the students created an art project related to butterflies. Another day they completed a writing assignment pertaining to the insects. Other educational assignments were creatively implemented each day that related to the week’s theme. (more…)

Merced County Students Explore their Inner Genius

merced assetsSo you think you’re a genius? In a matter of time, students in Merced County may be saying, “Yes!”

A new Genius Project launched by the Merced County Office of Education connects afterschool students in 39 schools with unusual “geniuses” from around the country. The yearlong program is implemented in 11 districts by the county’s After School Student Education: Teamwork for Success (ASSETS) program. Smash Mouth band mate Michael Klooster, from Stockton, is one of the featured geniuses.

An interview of the musician filmed by Merced Educational Television (METV) brings to life the program’s goals: giving children real-world, relatable examples of how creating a vision for the future, working hard and persevering can empower them to fulfill their dreams and become geniuses in their respective fields of choice. The students study and discuss the genius featured on each DVD while mapping out thoughts about their own success. (more…)

Harvard Report Outlines Obstacles, Successes in Rural Afterschool

elementary hispanic girlMore than 20 percent of America’s children attend public schools in rural areas. The state of California ranks among the highest in rates of mobility among rural households and students who are English Language Learners. It comes as no surprise that students in rural Central Valley communities face unique obstacles early in life that can perpetuate a pattern of poverty, disenfranchisement and missed opportunities.

The benefits of afterschool programs for youth are well documented. Yet, rural schools often struggle to reach the very students who can benefit from these outstanding, free programs. A March 2011 report from the Harvard Family Research Project called “Out-of-School Time Programs in Rural Areas,” reveals four major challenges rural programs must overcome: 1) higher poverty, 2) fewer resources, 3) lack of transportation, and 4) low staffing. (more…)

Sanger Students Learn Language, Science, Nutrition and Art with a Valentine’s Day Theme

hearts and idiomsAfterschool students at Sanger Unified’s Jefferson Elementary School thought they were simply doing Valentine’s Day art projects in preparation for the February 14 holiday. Little did they know they were learning language, science, cultural relevancy and nutrition in the process.

Central Valley Afterschool Foundation developed a series of afterschool Valentine’s Day lessons for several Sanger Unified School district elementary schools. Program leaders recognize the need to deliver engaging enrichment activities afterschool, while concurrently reinforcing and connecting learning concepts from the regular school day. (more…)

Elementary School Program Support

elementary homework helpThe Central Valley Afterschool Foundation offers specialized support for K-6 programs in the region. We understand the unique needs of the valley and are committed to ensuring all children receive quality programming. To support local programs we provide technical assistance, trainings, coaching and assistance with program compliance and planning. Our trained staff will give you the tools you need to successfully implement research based curriculum and activities within your programs.

Unique Age-Specific Activities and Trainings

after school booksThe Central Valley Afterschool Foundation provides quality support services based on your individual program needs. Trainings for elementary programs are offered in the following areas:

  • Special Needs and Inclusion
  • Classroom/Behavior Management
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science
  • Youth Development
  • And more!

For information or to request training please contact Richard Peralta, Director of Program Development, at rperalta@centralvalleyafterschool.org or (559) 326-2069.

Download these Support Materials and Templates

smug tweenWe offer a variety of helpful materials, examples and templates to make your job in elementary afterschool easier. Here is a sample of what we can provide your afterschool site:

Contact Kim Boyer at kboyer@centralvalleyafterschool.org for more information.

Academics with a Creative Twist at Central Unified’s Teague Elementary School

teague boyMiguel (not his real name) was withdrawn, had low self-esteem and was experiencing discipline issues at school. But an afterschool program leader discovered that Miguel had a love for art, particularly cartooning. So she called on one of the program’s “master artists” to share his own work with Miguel and encourage the student’s cartooning talent. Today, Miguel is engaged in school and motivated to try harder.

The Teague KIDS “TK Kids” afterschool program at Central Unified’s Teague Elementary School has all the makings of an exceptional program: school integration, academic alignment, creative offerings, student engagement, community partnerships, and parent participation.

“Every child learns differently,” said Renee Mora, Teague’s afterschool administrator, who noted how much individualized attention students receive after school. “First we meet as a group for ‘Rally Up’ for attendance and a snack. Then we move to ‘Pump Up’ for character education. ” After that, teachers, paraprofessionals and community volunteers assist students with homework, Mora said.

Homework Helpers from Central Community Church, led by retired Fresno police Chief Ed Winchester and Chuck Downing, as well as Costco employee tutors, provide added community support. (more…)

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