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Working Together to Support Out-of-School Time Learning
Addressing the Risks and Rewards of 3-6 pm


The bell rings, signaling the start of afterschool for a half million children in the Central Valley. For too many this time is unsupervised, marked by the risks associated with boredom and unstructured time.

The risky behaviors: bullying, drugs, gangs, alcohol, sexual activity, pornography, crime, suicide, and other self-destructive activities.

Six Recommendations for Success in the New School Year

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It’s been a decade since Proposition 49 placed California at the forefront of afterschool leadership. The investment opened up opportunities for low-income youth of all ages to benefit from a safe and healthy place for active engagement afterschool.

Eight years later, we have helped millions of K-12 students make academic and real-world connections outside of the regular school day. Now we have the privilege of watching leaders emerge from afterschool students who have since graduated into careers.

As afterschool programs advance to new heights with each school year, we asked colleagues to help us compile a checklist for success to guide programs for the 2014-15 school year. These six recommendations reflect what’s important in how programs are developed, implemented and evaluated for maximum benefit to students.

The “wish list” includes: 1) Implement Learning in Afterschool Principles, 2) Represent the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning, 3) Apply the “Four C’s” for 21st century skills, 4) Promote academic integration, 5) Build evidence-based instruction, and 6) Expand real-world experiences.

Tulare County Awards Event Recognizes Afterschool Leaders

Awards Winners


Working on the front lines of afterschool programs is both rewarding and relentless. While most of the rewards are intrinsic, an occasional pat on the back is nice too.

The Tulare County Office of Education recently launched a way to recognize outstanding achievements in afterschool leadership. The Tulare County Afterschool Awards and Recognition Event was held this summer to acknowledge exemplary performance.

“These jobs don’t pay a lot and the staff in the trenches are not receiving formal recognition,” said Frank Escobar, program manager for afterschool programs at Visalia Unified School District. “This event brings inspiration and awareness to staff.”

The awards event concept began developing in the fall of 2013 with a committee of afterschool administrators. Nomination forms were distributed to staff by email so that nominations for awards would be recommended by peers. Nearly 40 individuals were nominated in a variety of award categories.


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